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a50l00010173 darlington fuji A50L-0001-0173
  • Fanuc 75 Amp Darlington Transistor Module
  • Fanuc AC drive 6 in 1 Power transistor
  • Fanuc servo / spindle unit transistors

0173 75 amps
Price: $ POA - AUD outright NEW.

a50l00010173 in stock
0173 600v

A50L-0001-0173 Transistor description
fuji 0173

A50L-0001-0173 Fanuc Transistor Module is a 75 amp 600 volt 6-transistors-in-1 package power transistor module used in small Fanuc AC spindle drives and early digital servo drive units. Customers can buy 1 * A50L-0001-0173 transistor module or many, CNC asia has massive stocks of the A50L-0001-0173 power transistors.

CNC can offer immediate shipping services for the A50L-0001-0173 to the Fanuc drive in your machine tool in need by the quickest or the cheapest - which ever is important to you. CNC always has stock in its Asia Pacific base of the A50L-0001-0173

fanuc transistor a50l00010173

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