A61L-0001-0072 fanuc monitor A61L-0001-0072 - $ PAO AUD
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monochrome a61l-0001-0072
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a61l00010072 6mb 6tb fanucA61L-0001-0072
  • Fanuc Mono 9" CRT Monitor Unit
  • Fanuc 6M, 6T, 6MB, 6TB Display
  • Superior CRT Replacement of A61L-0001-0072
  • Same metal framework dimensions and connectors
  • 12 month warranty

Price: $ POA AUD outright NEW.


A61L-0001-0072 monitor description

Researching, developing and building the A61L-0001-0072 replacement for the last 14 years. The 9" Monochrome - green replacement CRT A61L-0001-0072 equivalents, which now in its 4th generation is excellent quality with no known technical issues, such as not dealing with the ladder, etc. Stunning clarity as expected from a new CRT replacement built by us compared to the original manufacturers CRT versions, and all other competitors CRT & LCD replacements for the A61L-0001-0072. The Fanuc A61L-0001-0072 monitor replacement have been heavily tested on our Fanuc 10, 11, 0-A, 0-B, 0-M, 0-T control systems. 12 month warranty on replacement Fanuc A61L-0001-0072.

a61l-0001-0072 green 10m 11m

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