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CNC ASIA stock a collection of Fanuc keyboards, from Fanuc 6 and 10 key hard plastic MDI/CRT keyboards thru the touch switch pcb keyboards for 0, 15, 16, 18, 20, 21 controls, and lastly the Fanuc I systems MDI keyboards for lathes, machining centers, and other types of machine tools. These GE Fanuc keyboards were fitted on Leadwell, Colchester, Cincinnati, Hardinge, Makino, Miyano, Hitachi Seiki, Mori Seiki, Doosan, Yang, Wasino, Takasawa, Supermax, Nakamura Tome, Daewoo, and many more keyboards for hundreds of other machine tools.

Fanuc Keyboards - A86L-0001 series Fanuc Keyboard - A20B / A02B MDI - Keyboards
  • A86L-0001-0110
  • A86L-0001-0111
  • A86L-0001-0120
  • A86L-0001-0125
  • A86L-0001-0125#A
  • A86L-0001-0126
  • A86L-0001-0127
  • A86L-0001-0137
  • A86L-0001-0137#A
  • A86L-0001-0150
  • A86L-0001-0151
  • A86L-0001-0155
  • A86L-0001-0157
  • A86L-0001-0172/HT2R
  • A86L-0001-0235
  • A86L-0001-0237
  • A86L-0001-0282/TBS
  • A86L-0001-0283/TBS
  • A86L-0001-0285/MBS
  • A20B-1000-0390
  • A20B-1000-0840
  • A20B-1000-0870
  • A20B-1000-0890
  • A20B-1001-0090
  • A20B-1001-0270
  • A20B-1001-0720
  • A20B-1006-0270
  • A02B-0120-C122/MA
  • A02B-0236-C125/TBR
  • A02B-0236-C327/MBR
  • A02B-0281-C121/TBS
  • A02B-0281-C126/TBS
fanuc key board

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Fujitsu Keyboards, Fanuc Membranes
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