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fanuc servo drive unit

CNC Asia offer a massive range of Digital servos from Fanuc's range of 3 digital servo drive units. Fanuc AC servo drive unit series, include the Fanuc AC Series A06B-6057 1st generation of Fanuc digital servo drive - which was normally parred with the digital 10/11 and 0A. This was replaced by the Fanuc S series A06B-6058, probably Fanuc (Asia & Europe) and GE Fanuc (America's) biggest selling drives within their CNC packages to machine tool manufacturers. Lastly the C series servo drives, which other than the pre alpha E series, was the last of the Fanuc AC servo amplifiers. Fanuc servo drives from us come with a 180 day warranty available on our massive stocks of Exchange to save money, our hundreds of surplus (especially S series - group wide over 150+ in stock - of nearly all types), and our excellant test facilities on our test rigs located in our repair centre's. GE Fanuc servo drives from CNC Asia are available to -> Australia, India, China, Singapore, Pakistan, Thailand, New Zealand, Malyasia and other Asia Pacific nations. Prices are second too none, and the service is excellant for All Fanuc Servo Drives.

fanuc servo drive s amplifier A06B-6058

Fanuc S Series Servo Amplifier (A06B-6058-Hxxx) - Model 2-0S up to model 30S, single dual and triple axis drives available.

  • 6058 S Series Servo Exchange in stock
  • 6058 S Servo Drives Surplus Outrights Spares in stock - On Sale
  • 6058 S Unit Repair and Testing Available for the 6058 S Series
fanuc servo drive c amplifier unit A06B-6066 Fanuc C Series Servo Amplfier (A06B-6066-Hxxx) - Model 5-0S up to model 40S
  • 6066 C Series Servo Exchange available
  • 6066 C Series Amp Surplus
  • 6066 C Unit test and repair facilties for 6066 models.
fanuc servo drive ac amplifier unit a06b6057 Fanuc AC Servo Amplifier Unit (A06B-6057-Hxxx) - Digital Model 0 upto model 30S, single and dual axis drives available.
  • 6057 AC Digital servo available - exchange stock.
  • 6057 AC Servo Drives Surplus Outright.
  • 6057 AC Servo Unit fault diagnosis and repair

CNC Asia also carry Fanuc servo fuses, Fanuc servo transistor modules, and more importantly Fanuc servo boards.

fanuc servo series c s

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