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CNC Asia offer A06B-6044 Series Analogue Fanuc AC Spindle Servo Units too the CNC machine tools industries of Australia, India, China, Singapore, Pakistan, Thailand, New Zealand, Malyasia and other Asia pacific countries. 180 day warranty offered on our comprehensive services for the A06B-6044 Series are offered such as Spindle service exchange, repair, used spares for outright sale, and testing for faulty AC spindle drives. CNC Asia also supplies associated parts to the A06B-6044 spindle series including spindle boards - orientation cards and power transistor module. Prices are second too none, and the service is excellant for All Fanuc Drives, but especially the A06B-6044 Fanuc AC spindle drive.

Fanuc A06B-6044 AC Spindle Drives
A06B-6044-H012 A06B-6044-H130
A06B-6044-H016 A06B-6044-H140
A06B-6044-H017 A06B-6044-H208
A06B-6044-H018 A06B-6044-H212
A06B-6044-H021 A06B-6044-H312
A06B-6044-H023 A06B-6044-H322
A06B-6044-H032 A06B-6044-H408
A06B-6044-H034 A06B-6044-H412
A06B-6044-H039 A06B-6044-H422
fanuc A06B-6044 spindle series

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