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CNC ASIA stock a massive inventory of Fanuc alpha drive modules. Inclusive of Fanuc Alpha Servo Amplifier Module, including Fanuc Alpha C / I / FSSB / HVi single, dual, triple axis Alpha servo drives. Also Fanuc AC Alpha Spindle Power Modules, from early SPM 90mm models, to SPMC, SPM, up to the latest Servo Amplifier Unit, including large 300mm Fanuc Alpha Power supply modules PSM, PSMR, PSM HV, PSM HVi, power supply drives from GE Fanuc. - Warranty is 180 days on all Exchange, surplus or used Fanuc Alpha drive modules and alpha units, and if new outright or exchange - 12 months. CNC strive to increase Fanuc Alpha services, including SPM I, SPM HVi, SVM HRV series, and much more.

Fanuc Alpha Spindle Power Module
Fanuc Alpha Servo Module & Unit
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Fanuc Alpha Power Supply Module
Fanuc Beta Drives & Alpha Drive Parts
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fanuc alpha drive module

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